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Hoax analyzer is a web-based application that verifies the likelihood if any news or story is a fact or a hoax. The application will cross-check for the top results from every available search engines and referenced articles related to the keywords inserted. Please check the articles listed in the references provided to ensure the accuracy of the Hoax Analyzer.

Please be advised that this application is still under development and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the results you may encounter. We apologized for any inaccuracies, bugs, unhandled cases, etc that may affect your experience. Feedback are really appreciated for our improvements.

Hoax Analyzer offered in: EnglishBahasa Indonesia
How does this application work?
Using machine learning to identify reference articles on the internet and answer your text input.

About us
We are students from Informatics and Information System & Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung who want to help the world in battling hoax

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